Beach weddings in Istrian Coast always make me happy to be a wedding photographer! I just love the beautiful blue Adriatic Sea, the warm spring sun… I have done beach weddings and engagements before (you can check out some of them here and here), and it is always a pleasure. And I love working anywhere in the Istrian Peninsula, whether it is near the sea, or in the gorgeous countryside (here is a gallery of a lovely traditional wedding in Istria). However, one day before the wedding, we found out that the weather forecast for the wedding day is – disaster.

It said that it would be raining all day. Heavy, dull, fun-drowning rain. Although everything was planned to the last detail, this was out of our hands. The only thing left for us to do was to wait and hope that the forecast was wrong. I don’t know how, but it turned out that it was! There were only a few drops of rain here and there. The day was perfect for the event!

The young couple had their wedding on the Polidor beach with their closest friends and relatives. Every detail of the event was perfectly organized and decorated. Ticiana from the Bloom Room Weddings & Events did an amazing job. When I saw the perfect weather and the amazing setting on the beach, I was relieved. I knew that the photo session would be fantastic.

This time, I had the assistance of a second shooter – my wife. We had two photo sessions, 15 minutes each. The newlyweds did not want to spend too much time away from their guests – their friends and families. I respect that, and we did our best to make the photo shoots as time-efficient as possible.

Since this was a wedding, naturally, there had to be some posing for the photos. However, I think that the most natural photos are the ones taken when people are not aware that they are being photographed. I think this is why Marko, the groom, decided to have me as their wedding photographer. Marko is an architect and he frequents the Viz Kultura portal. He saw a gallery I posted there recently of street/documentary style photos I took during my visit to Malta.

Street photography is all about authenticity. Photographing people and scenes as they are. Most often, people are not aware that they are being photographed. This requires a bit of practice and skill from the photographer, to have the ability to “blend in” and shoot without being noticed.
This ability is quite useful when shooting a wedding, especially the wedding party. People are more relaxed if they do not think about the lens that’s being pointed at them. So that is what I do – I try to blend in and shoot people as they are – natural and relaxed. This is the only way to make real, authentic photos of these unique events.

I think that Marko and Nikolina recognized this in my street photos and that they liked my style and wanted to have something like that for their Istrian wedding. The result – a photo gallery that feels like a documentary of their special day, with photos of the young couple and their guests as they really are – beautiful and natural.

Photos by Croatia wedding photographer Damir Plavotić