I think that in any trade or service, the best customers are the ones that know what they want. It makes business so much easier. I think the same rule applies to relationships. They work better if people know what they want. Ivana and Danijel decided to get married after a very brief courtship. They both knew what they wanted, so why wait?

They made their wedding arrangements with the same confidence in their decisions. They wanted a beautiful seaside location, so they chose to get married on the Opatija Riviera, one of the best locations for weddings in Croatia. They wanted their guests to have full service, but with a touch of class, so they organized their wedding at the Excelsior, a luxurious hotel overlooking the Adriatic Sea. They both wanted to have not one, but two of their friends as their witnesses/wedding attendants, so the bridegroom had two best men, and the bride had two maids of honor. This is not the usual practice, but with everything Ivana and Dragan had planned for their wedding, doubling up on their backup seemed justified.

This wedding shoot had it all. It started with the reception at the hotel, where I got some nice photos of the guests getting warmed up with gourmet dishes and fine wines. After that, the wedding moved to the local church. Another great setting for some amazing wedding photos. It was a fantastic traditional ceremony, complete with traditional tears of joy during the reciting of the wedding vows and a downpour of flower petals on the newlywed couple. The church is located in the Old Town, so I took the opportunity to take some wonderful photos of the newlyweds and their guests in the medieval cobblestone streets, with the Old Town architecture serving as the perfect background.

The party continued back at the hotel, where it did not take long for the gala dinner to escalate into a full blown party. Here things got a little bit hazy and blurry, if you know what I mean, so I added some groovy effects in the photos of the crazy things that followed. A perfect ending for a perfect wedding and an exciting day at work for me!

Photos by Croatia wedding photographer Damir Plavotić