Paula and Ante are a couple originally from Dalmatia, Croatia. They saw some of my work and invited me to do be their engagement photographer in Zurich, (Switzerland) where they live and work at the moment. I was honored that they chose to fly me over from Croatia, instead of hiring a Zurich wedding photographer. I think the reason for this is that they liked my style and what I look for in photosauthenticity.

Although I do most of my work in engagements and weddings in Croatia, I am also a destination wedding photographer (take a look at this session I just did in Utrecht in the Netherlands). I just love doing destination weddings and engagements. Every destination offers a unique opportunity for amazing engagement and wedding photos. And since my personal passion is street/documentary style photography, I always look forward to shooting in new places.

Some of that passion for the documentary photography can be seen in the wedding photos I do. I always try to make myself “invisible” when shooting people, whether in streets or in weddings. Some people find it difficult to relax if they know they’re being photographed. In any case, I think that I get the best results when I manage to capture the beauty of the moment – and that can only happen when people are free to be themselves.

So, now that I’ve become a Zurich wedding photographer, I decided to make the most of it and enjoy myself. I spent a wonderful day with Paula and Ante in Zurich. We went all over the city. Our starting point was a vantage point in the forest overlooking the city, with a breathtaking overview of the geography of old Zurich. Then we took a tram all the way down to the lake and took some great photos as we walked along the busy streets of the city. The photos turned out great. Even though this was a city engagement session, there is a surprising number of photos that have nature in the background – forests, parks, canals, great blue skies and the gorgeous Lake Zurich. The other thing I really like is the documentary, or the “streetstyle of the photos. Zurich has a special feel to it, and I think that it provided a fantastic setting for Paula and Ante’s engagement session.

There is an old saying: it’s not work if you enjoy it. Well, my day in Zurich definitely did not feel like a day at work. Paula and Ante were relaxed and in a great mood, which made the entire engagement shoot natural and fun, and I didn’t feel like a third wheel. This created the perfect atmosphere for me to capture their unique relationship and love in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Check out the photo gallery and feel free to contact me and let me know what you think.

Photos by Wedding photographer Damir Plavotić