Working as a destination photographer can be quite a dynamic and exciting job. You never know where your next assignment is going to take you. For example, I never would have guessed that I would become a trouwfotograaf! Nevertheless, that’s what they called me during my latest destination photo session in Utrecht in the Netherlands. That unpronounceable word is how they say ‘wedding photographer’ in Dutch. I was beginning to worry about language difficulties of being an Utrecht wedding photographer, because who, beside the Dutch, can pronounce ‘Utrecht trouwfotograaf’ without having their tongue tied into a knot? However, I was quickly relieved when I found out that practically everyone in The Netherlands speaks fluid English.

Carole and Piet first met during a surfing class in the Canary Islands. They say that they felt the chemistry working between them from the moment they first laid eyes on each other. Several years later, the chemistry is still running strong. They decided to get engaged and they hired me to shoot their engagement. They both live in Utrecht, and I am sure I would have a great opportunity to shoot some cool street-style photos (my favorite type of photography) in the city. I just did a street-style engagement session in Zürich, Switzerland and I was all pumped to do another one in Holland. However, since they are both passionate surfers, I felt that a beach would be a much more suitable setting for their engagement session. Luckily, there is a perfect beach just a short road trip away from Utrecht, and we were on our way before you could say “surf’s up!”

This couple radiate an unbelievable amount of energy. However, that does not always guarantee an easy photo session, especially if it is in an intimate setting, such as a secluded beach. Some people are naturally camera-shy, and I always want to shoot them as they really are, not nervous or awkward. Usually, it takes some time before couples become relaxed and forget about being photographed. Well, I was pleasantly surprised with Carole and Piet. They were so natural and easygoing from the start, I never had to give them any instructions. The way they spontaneously danced on the beach, hugged and kissed – it was just perfect. Everything felt in its right place from the get-go. I managed to shoot more than enough material in what must be some kind of a new world record. Since there was still plenty of time left before we had to go back to Utrecht, we relaxed and hung out at the beach.

I am very happy with the way this engagement in Holland turned out. When you think about Netherlands, surfing is not one of the first things that comes to your mind. I was a bit worried about finding the right setting for the two amorous surfers in the land famous for windmills, tulips and clogs. However, it turned out that the perfect solution was just an hour long drive away from where Carole and Piet live. The beach was beautiful and we had it just for ourselves! However, the greatest credit for the successful shoot goes to the young couple themselves, because their easygoing and carefree nature made it easy for me to capture their love and passion!

Photos by Wedding photographer Damir Plavotić