When a couple from Buffalo, New York is prepared to go all the way across the ocean for their engagement, you know their expectations are high. They want something memorable. And when they choose the wonderful Rab Island in Croatia as the venue and hire a professional photographer to do the shoot, you know their expectations are even higher. They want something unforgettable.

I knew that I wasn’t allowed to make a single mistake. The session had to be flawless.

Sarah is an artist. She is a sculptor and a designer (www.sarahfonzi.com). My heart always starts beating like a drum when someone like her chooses me to be their photographer. As an artist, it makes me proud to be recognized by a fellow artist. Max, a real estate agent, is a cool and relaxed guy. He’s the kind of guy you can drink beer with, tell jokes and laugh for hours! They are a wonderful couple, and I had so much fun with them that I felt a special challenge when it came to organizing their engagement photo session.

I chose some locations on the Rab Island for them. I tried to avoid the trap of making an engagement photo session look like a typical tourist site visit. For me, the priority is to capture what is unique about the couple and their relationship. However, choosing the proper setting is almost as important, and the Island of Rab is abundant with wonderful locations.

The picturesque streets of the Old Town and an intimate, secluded beach seemed like the perfect choice for their shoot. I’ve done a beach wedding before, so I knew that it would look great. I wanted to give them photos which will bring back vivid memories when they look at them years later. I wanted them to see the photos and feel the salt on their skin and the sand between their toes, and hear the sound of their footsteps on the old cobblestone roads of the Old Town.

Did I succeed in meeting their expectations? I think so. And I am very happy that they think so too. In fact – they invited me to go to Buffalo to be their wedding photographer! I was so excited, I could not sleep the night they told me. For me, this opportunity is more exciting than going to the Moon.

Fulfilling Sarah’s and Max’s expectations for the engagement photo shoot was a challenge. Now, they’re flying me, a wedding photographer from Croatia, to the other side of the pond to shoot their actual wedding ceremony in the USA! This is not a challenge. This is a mission.

Photos by Croatia wedding photographer Damir Plavotić