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Paula and Ante - a Street-Style Photo Shoot of a Destination Engagement in Zurich

Paula and Ante are a couple originally from Dalmatia, Croatia. They saw some of my work and invited me to do be their engagement photographer in Zurich, (Switzerland) where they live and work at the moment. I was honored that they chose to fly me over from Croatia, instead of hiring a Zurich wedding photographer. I think the reason for this is that they liked my style[...]

Nikolina and Marko – A Beach Wedding in Istria, Croatia

Beach weddings in Istrian Coast always make me happy to be a wedding photographer! I just love the beautiful blue Adriatic Sea, the warm spring sun… I have done beach weddings and engagements before (you can check out some of them here and here), and it is always a pleasure. And I love working anywhere in the Istrian Peninsula, whether it is near the sea, or in the go[...]

Carole and Piet - Beach Engagement Photo Session near Utrecht in the Netherlands

Working as a destination photographer can be quite a dynamic and exciting job. You never know where your next assignment is going to take you. For example, I never would have guessed that I would become a trouwfotograaf! Nevertheless, that’s what they called me during my latest destination photo session in Utrecht in the Netherlands. That unpronounceable word is how t[...]

Sarah and Max – Beach Engagement on Rab Island, Croatia

When a couple from Buffalo, New York is prepared to go all the way across the ocean for their engagement, you know their expectations are high. They want something memorable. And when they choose the wonderful Rab Island in Croatia as the venue and hire a professional photographer to do the shoot, you know their expectations are even higher. They want something unforg[...]

Ivana and Danijel – Luxurious Wedding in Opatija Riviera, Croatia

I think that in any trade or service, the best customers are the ones that know what they want. It makes business so much easier. I think the same rule applies to relationships. They work better if people know what they want. Ivana and Danijel decided to get married after a very brief courtship. They both knew what they wanted, so why wait? They made their wedding [...]

Ivana and Dragan – Wedding in Istria, Croatia

I’ve already met Ivana and Dragan when I photographed their engagement, so when they invited me to do their wedding photo shoot, I had an idea that it would be a relaxed and easy-going day at work for me. There were only 19 guests – the families and a few close friends. Another thing that guaranteed a relaxed atmosphere was the fact that there was no strict protocol o[...]